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For years, Elcomac has been the reliable partner for practically all building-related installations. If you are looking for a building management system, air treatment, cooling and/or heating, Elcomac is the right address for all these disciplines. On every discipline we have experts waiting for you to make your building perform optimally and ready for the future.

HVAC – Building Management systems

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC systems regulate (ambient) temperatures, humidity, air flow and air filtration. Our focus is mainly on implementation in data centers, server and office spaces.

Building management systems

To monitor and automate all these different systems we make use of building management systems (BMS). This system is used to centrally control (regulate), operate and let all installations present within the building (regulations), in particular the electrical and mechanical engineering (E&W) installations, operate and let them work together (communicate). The advantage of this is central control and reading of data for the central installations. At Elcomac we are true specialist in this field.

Heating – Heat Pump systems

We have a lot of experience with the design and installation of piping systems. This is especially the same for the construction of heat pump systems.

With a heat pump you are able to easily and efficiently heat your rooms and provide them with a pleasant working climate. A heat pump works in about the same way as an air conditioner with a few differences. In heating mode, heat is transferred from the outside to the inside. And in the cooling mode it brings warmth from the outside to the outside.

A built-in fan creates a fast, even and comfortable heat distribution in the room. The heat pump system also keeps your work places cool in the summer. With this system you are assured of a very durable solution for both heating and cooling.


Within the building management, ventilation is an important part. This has a big impact on the health of your employees and subsequent production processes. An important condition is that your ventilation system is well laid out and that there is regular maintenance. We advise, supply, install and maintain your ventilation and air purifiers.

By means of a visual inspection and various measurements, we map the indoor climate of your datacenter, server and/or business space. The current legislation and regulations for us are the central starting point for our advice.

Air Conditioning Systems

An important part of setting up a good working environment is the air conditioning system. It provides a pleasant temperature, a better atmosphere and more productivity. We use the aforementioned water pump systems, but also of loose air conditioning systems.

You can find more information about these systems and the possibilities on our Refrigeration-technology page


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